Get Certified Through Snap Focus

Here’s good news for Snapchat advertisers and marketers! Get certified through Snap Focus. It’s an official learning portal that the platform has recently launched. This is another eCommerce push after launching AR spectacles, a holiday resource hub, and the photo capture app, Screenshop.

Snap Focus courses

Snap Focus certification focuses on 5 elements:

  • Drive Full-Funnel Results with Snapchat focuses on helping marketers create a Snapchat media plan to achieve marketing goals. 
  • Win Bids in the Auction. This aims to help marketers learn how to optimize their ad budget. 
  • Reach Your Audiences. A course about how to analyze Snapchat’s audience insights.
  • Activate Cross-Channel Measurement. Training about Conversion API, SKAd Network, Snap App ID, and Snap Pixel.
  • Launch a Split-Test Campaign to practice improving ad creation on Snapchat.

Each of the 5 elements takes around 30 minutes to complete. You will get a certification badge after passing the final exam of these courses. 

Get certified through Snap Focus starting 09 July 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Snap Focus offers a range of tools to enhance one’s knowledge in Snapchat marketing. The courses are for free and it is worth giving a try among advertisers and marketers.


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