Facebook Social Skills Video Series Part 6 – “Brand Marketing”

Facebook Social Skills is now on its 6th episode. The first 5 episodes covered topics such as:

Today, Facebook Social Skills Video Series Part 5 discusses “Brand Marketing.”

This 6th Social Skills episode features Joshua Kong, the regional manager of Elixus. Josh notes that his morning starts with campaign analysis daily. He further notes the importance of running a campaign for some time to optimize brand marketing. It also helps brands learn more about the audience responses and Facebook algorithm. Measuring KPIs and ROIs can very well help in future marketing decisions for a brand.

3 Key Tips to Brand Marketing

Josh gives 3 tips to maximize brand marketing in social media.

1. Josh notes that it is very important to use visuals to grow a brand’s audience. Facebook and Instagram are visual platforms. Using visuals like images and videos allows brands to share their message most engagingly and shortly. Visuals also keep an ad eye-catching and fresh among the target audience.

2. Another important tip to brand marketing is for a brand to understand the customer segments. There are 4 segments of Facebook and Instagram customers. These are:

  • New customers who don’t know anything about the brand.
  • New customers who have recently discovered the brand.
  • New customers who have higher buying intents.
  • Existing customers of the brand.

For Josh, effective brand marketing identifies the right customer segment to target for an ad or content.

3. Josh also highlights the importance of data tracking. Facebook makes it easier to do this through its ad analytics. It helps brands to target customers based on their online activities. As such it increases the chance of converting an audience to a buyer.

Facebook Social Skills Video Series Part 6 – “Brand Marketing” aired on 22 April 2021.

Implications for Marketers:

Facebook Social Skills Video Series Part 6 – “Brand Marketing” is an episode worth watching for marketers. It teaches them the value of customer segmentation, data tracking, and visuals for effective brand marketing. As such, marketers can find more ways on how to boost awareness and conversion in their social media campaigns.

Reference: https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/facebook-shares-more-brand-marketing-tips-in-its-latest-social-skills-vid/598857/

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