Facebook Beta Tests the “Bulletin” Newsletter Platform

The number of independent writers directly connecting with their readers is rising. That is why major social media networks focus on strengthening journalism. Twitter, for one, acquired Revue, a newsletter publishing platform. Later on, they used it to create a newsletter subscription service. Last March, Facebook announced the details of its upcoming writer’s platform. The king of social networks described it as a self-publishing tool to support independent journalists of local communities. Today, Facebook beta tests the “Bulletin” newsletter platform.


The “Bulletin” newsletter platform will initially be available among US writers. It is a free self-publishing platform housing features and tools to support independent writers. “Bulletin” does not only support writing content. It has audio tools from live audio rooms to podcasts as well. The 3 main focuses of Bulletin are audience growth, content creation, and monetization.

Facebook Beta Tests the “Bulletin” Newsletter Platform

Audience Growth

Bulletin integrates with Facebook Groups and Pages to foster a deeper connection with their audiences. Within the group, they can classify content and conversations as free or subscriber-only. The content can also be eligible for distribution in the Facebook News section. Writers can also use Facebook live and audio rooms with comment moderation tools. Moving forward, the platform will also enable externally hosted podcasts. 

Content Creation

Independent writers using Bulletin will each have a standalone website under their own brand. They can customize it according to color palette, logo, and publication name. They can also redesign the articles using multi-media embeds and other styling tools.


Through Bulletin, writers can offer a range of subscriptions such as content, commenting abilities, and exclusive access to Facebook Groups. Payments will be handled through Facebook Pay. Facebook will not be getting a commission on the writer’s revenues in Bulletin. Once they opt out of the partnership, they can take their content and subscriber’s list with them. Bulletin also houses analytics tools for the writers to have better insights in growing their subscriber’s lists. The writer’s partnership with Bulletin is valid and renewable yearly. 

Bulletin also offers design support, financial assistance, legal resources, and third-party perks among its partner writers. Among the first batch of US writers who partnered with Bulletin during its beta test are: 

Facebook beta tests the “Bulletin” newsletter platform on 29 June 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Facebook’s “Bulletin” newsletter platform seeks to boost Facebook Groups through niche newsletters. For marketers, partnering with relevant niche writers can be another option to promote products and services within the platform.

Reference: https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/facebook-launches-beta-test-of-a-newsletter-platform-bulletin/602649/

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