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Leverage Digital Marketing to Extend Reach Beyond the Annual Reading Buzz Created By the Book Fair

With the long-awaited book fair indefinitely postponed, many publishers have turned to promote their books online. Book lovers will only be too happy to splurge on books of their choice. The general public, on the other hand, may not be as drawn to making book purchases without the buzz of the trade event, such as being able to meet authors in person. The coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly accelerated the pace. Traditional publishers embrace digital transformation. Digital marketing efforts extend far beyond simply having an online store. In addition to reducing prices on books, publishers have turned to various other promotional activities to boost sales. Post-pandemic, publishers will realize the value of a comprehensive, well-executed digital marketing strategy. Such a strategy enables them to reach and target consumers all year round. Then, leave the fate of sales less reliant on the physical buzz created by the book fair annually.

Embrace the Digitalization of Marketing By the Publishing Industry as the New Normal

Last week, the Ad x Pub HK Digital Advertising Start-ups X Publishing Promotion Support Scheme organized an award ceremony. The program included interviews with the awardees. They shared good marketing insights for authors seeking to promote their literature. Marketing efforts must go digital. And what better way and time to welcome this new normal with the awards ceremony going ahead in a live broadcast. While the new dates of the book fair – where the ceremony is traditionally held – are pending, digital transformation is not limited to just the publishing industry. Every industry must embrace it. It is a paradigm shift that businesses must undertake to successfully pivot in the pandemic.

Use Short Films and Micro Movies for Brand Storytelling

The award-winning title, 霓虹黯色 Hong Kong Neon Lights, won the Gold Ad x Pub award. The book documents the gradual disappearance of Hong Kong’s neon signs, which evoke nostalgia among many of us. Horizon Creative spearheaded digital advertising for the title. By weaving a love story and a disappearing class of photographers together, the campaign had great public appeal. An element contributing to the campaign’s success was the accompanying soundtrack of the micro movie: 傾城 by Wyman Wong. The micro movie was so well-made that even the author of the book was keen to find out the ending. Book publishing can certainly benefit from using a great marketing story. This is a brilliant strategy based on my experience with brand marketing.

 Employ Creative Movie Promotion Techniques

The response to the marketing of the book, 失常罪-法醫精神科醫生的代告白, was a resounding success. Good Morning Creative adopted the same approach it takes toward promoting movies by producing trailers and stills (even providing cinematic seating). Even the author, a forensic psychiatrist, was involved in the creation of this suspense “movie.” The approach of partnering authors to promote books through bold and creative means appears to be effective. In this way, readers can interact with authors beyond the traditional author signing events.

Engage Young Audiences Through Instagram

To promote the work of photographer-cum-author Kelvin of the book, 野孩子追夢的世界, the Instagram-loving team at M & ME CREATIVE’s designed his exclusive Instagram filter. The book uses camera filters to tell the story of a photographer pursuing his dreams. On Instagram, such a feature resonates with young people. In marketing, new features of social media platforms continue to provide users with novel experiences. For instance, AR and VR capabilities yield positive marketing results. Use these features to your advantage when promoting your brand. It is also essential that authors actively involve themselves in the marketing process to ensure a successful book launch. In the digital age, authors no longer hide behind their books and publishers. Digital transformation has also brought about many opportunities for direct interactions with customers across industries. Is your business poised to harness digital transformation?

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