Bernie Wong on AI-Powered Content – What Does the Community Think?

Last 19 November 2021, Bernie Wong, the owner and founder of Social Stand, got featured in an article at Social Champ, a social media management company based in Delaware. The article is entitled: “AI-Powered Content – What Does the Community Think?

As AI-generated content is making waves right now. So, Fahad Ahmed, a Community Specialist of Social Champ, asked digital marketers to share their thoughts if AI-generated content is a better and more efficient manner of marketing. 

Here’s what Bernie had shared:

AI is a game-changer when it comes to ideas generation. They suggest ideas based on top-performing content. They also create a first draft for marketers to get in the groove by humanizing the content. AI is a better and more efficient manner of marketing.

AI is extra smart in learning more about the behaviors, interests, and preferences of consumers. As such, they offer customized product recommendations.

Equipped with Natural Language Generation (NLG), AI can also personalize blogs, emails, and messaging based on the user’s intent making them more valuable to target audiences.

As a creative digital and social media marketing professional, Bernie has worked with Fortune 500 brands like Starbucks, GAP, Adidas and Disney, etc. He has helped clients to engage with their audiences, tell their stories, and “unleash the power” of their brands. He has also been invited as a speaker and trainer of different marketing conferences and workshops. 

If you want to read more about the myth-busting write-up, check it out here:

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