Adam Mosseri Explains the Latest Changes on Instagram

Adam Mosseri Explains the Latest Changes on Instagram

Instagram continues to pivot this year. Recently, the platform is embracing change as TikTok is huge. It began sharing video posts on the Reels tab. It also introduced searchable maps. But there seems to be a backlash from users as the platform imitated TikTok. That is why Adam Mosseri explains the latest changes on Instagram.

In a video on his Instagram account, Mosseri explains that a lot of changes are happening on Instagram. They are part of the platform’s evolution for a better user experience. Mosseri highlights three key updates:

  • A full-screen feed is currently under testing with a small number of Instagrammers. Mosseri mentions that they will not roll it out globally until it’s good.
  • Photos are still a key focus of Instagram, as it is part of the platform’s heritage. But more and more users are getting more interested in video. That is why Instagram has to evolve in strengthening videos while still supporting photos on feeds.
  • The Instagram Chief admits that creators are the heart of the Instagram economy. That is why the platform will continue leveling up in-stream recommendations to help creators grow their followings. Mosseri further explains that Instagrammers have the option to disable recommendations in their settings for up to a month.

 In conclusion, Mosseri explains that Instagram needs to evolve to keep up with the fast-changing online world.

Adam Mosseri explains the latest changes on Instagram on 26 July 2022.

Implications to Marketers:

Adam Mosseri is right. Change is inevitable not only on Instagram but on all platforms. Marketers should be flexible enough to keep up with these changes and deliver a more engaging and fun experience to their target audiences.


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