YouTube Rolls Out Membership Gifting

YouTube Rolls Out Membership Gifting

A premium feature of YouTube communities is channel membership. Just like Super ChatsSuper Stickers, and  Super Thanks, it allows them to receive exclusive privileges. Today, YouTube rolls out membership gifting.

In the Creator Insider channel, Grace, YouTube’s Product Manager of Memberships Gifting, announces a beta version of channel membership gifting among a small number of creators on YouTube for desktops in Japan. It allows channel members to buy a set of channel memberships (either in 5, 10, or 20) in a single purchase during a live stream. The purchase can be gifted out to non-members of the channel who regularly engaged and watched video content on the channel regularly. Once accepted, they will receive a month of free premium membership on the concerned channel. YouTube channel memberships entitle viewers to get exclusive perks like badges, emojis, and other goods.

YouTube rolls out membership gifting on 12 May 2022.

Implications to Marketers:

YouTube’s membership gifting is an option to build communities. Marketers can take advantage of such a feature to give engaged prospects a chance to learn more about a brand. It can significantly boost the brand’s channel engagement.


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