YouTube Previews Go Live Streaming

YouTube Previews Go Live Streaming

A Nielsen report showed that YouTube CTV reached around 135 million Americans daily. That is why the platform was chosen to host the upcoming 2022 IAB Newfronts. The event will feature the biggest name and latest trends in entertainment media. Shortly after the announcement, the platform shared its 2022 analytics. Today, YouTube previews Go live streaming.

YouTube Live guests

Katherine Lam, a Product Manager on Live Features at YouTube, gives a sneak peek at the upcoming Go live streaming feature of YouTube via the Creator Insider channel. She said that soon, YouTube will launch a live broadcast feature called “Go Live Together” on full screen. It will allow creators to invite a guest on a live broadcast by sending a link. The guest channel and information remain hidden during the Go live streaming. The host of the Go live streaming can also view insights about it, but it cannot be accessed by the guest.

YouTube Live rings

YouTube also adds new “live rings.” A red live ring on a profile image shows that a creator is currently doing a Go live streaming. To view the live broadcast, simply tap the profile image with a red live ring. The platform also adds “live redirects” for creators with at least a thousand channel subscribers. It will allow them to direct their viewers to another live stream on their own channel. Lastly, YouTube is developing a Q & A feature to go hand in hand with a Go live streaming.

YouTube previews Go live streaming on 18 March 2022.

Implications for Marketers:

YouTube’s Go live streaming is a new way for creators to collaborate with brands and other creators. It can be a new option for marketers to boost brand awareness and conversion through real-time live broadcasts.


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