YouTube Launches “Re: MASTERPIECE”

Again, YouTube leans at popular musicians to promote Shorts.  YouTube Shorts are 60-second vertical music clips like TikTok. Recently, the platform partnered with BTS and Ed Sheeran. Today, YouTube launches “Re: MASTERPIECE” in collaboration with BoA.

YouTube Launches “Re: MASTERPIECE”

BoA is the number one K-pop female artist and the youngest to be named “Best Artist” in Korea. With her talented vocals and standout performances, she has risen to be a K-pop icon all over the world. Together with SM Entertainment, YouTube launches “Re: MASTERPIECE.” It features a series of documentaries about BoA and the new Korean K-pop female group, aespa.

Side by side, YouTube also launches the “Dreams Come True” album of BoA and aespa together with a YouTube Shorts challenge.

YouTube launches “Re: MASTERPIECE” on 23 December 2021.

Implications for Marketers:

YouTube’s “Re: MASTERPIECE” can be a way for marketers to create entertaining and fun campaigns. Brands should look forward to more Shorts strategies this upcoming 2022.


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