YouTube Adds Video Comment Replies with Shorts

YouTube Adds Video Comment Replies with Shorts

YouTube artists may now make a Shorts clip based on a remark submitted on their videos.

The new option provides a simple link to generate a Short from a submitted remark, which will become a sticker in the Shorts camera.

YouTube’s seeking to push into the engagement parts of TikTok, with additional interactive features in Shorts. That has been a major part of TikTok’s tremendous popularity, drawing viewers into the experience, rather than merely absorbing material.

Given this, YouTube should add the same, which might be part of your Shorts plan. If you have one – and with 30 billion daily views and 1.5 billion monthly logged-in users, you should.

The new option is going out today, 15 Sept 2020, for iOS Shorts makers, with an Android launch to follow.

Implications to Marketers:

Marketers can now enjoy the same features they have on TikTok and Instagram and have it on YouTube as well. This will allow them to push their online presence further and find more people to see their brand with fresh eyes.


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