YouTube Adds Guided Policy Experience for Community Guidelines Violations

After launching a new look on its Creator Website, the platform has been strictly enforcing its 4Rs goals. These are “Remove, Raise, Reduce, and Reward.” Recently, YouTube is testing channel guidelines for comment management and offensive comment warnings. Today, YouTube adds guided policy experience for community guidelines violations.

YouTube guided policy process

YouTube’s guided policy experience aims to give creators a more detailed reporting process to resolve specific issues with their content. The updated process shows specific information about a violation. These include the impact of the issue over a channel plus the monetization eligibility and visibility of the content. Then, it takes creators towards the next steps by giving a detail of the element in question. As such, creators get the chance to address the concern and update the clip. If a creator feels that the report was incorrect, the last step guides them on how to appeal.

YouTube adds guided policy experience for community guidelines violations on 27 January 2022.

Implications for Marketers:

YouTube’s guided policy experience for community guidelines violations addresses creators’ frustration over the existing email template sent for any violation. For marketers, it also means a clearer picture of what to do and what to avoid when creating video ads and campaigns.


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