YouTube Adds Ad Placement Options for Shorts

YouTube Adds Ad Placement Options for Shorts

Recently, live shopping was improved, which allowed marketers to schedule product drops. Today, YouTube has added new ad placement options for Shorts, its short-form video feature. The new options allow creators and businesses to monetize their Shorts with ads and earn revenue. The new ad placements went live on 18 May 2021, and are currently available in the US.

YouTube Adds Ad Placement Options for Shorts

The new ad placements include pre-roll ads, mid-roll ads, and post-roll ads. Pre-roll ads are shown before a Shorts video, mid-roll ads are shown during a Shorts video, and post-roll ads are shown after a Shorts video. Creators and businesses can choose which ad placements to enable for their Shorts.

  1. Earn revenue through Shorts

    YouTube has also stated that it is working on a way for creators to earn revenue through Shorts without the need for ads. This could include features such as channel memberships or Super Chat, which are currently available for traditional YouTube videos.

    The addition of ad placement options for Shorts is a significant development for creators and businesses on the platform. It provides a new way to monetize short-form video content and could encourage more creators to use the Shorts feature.

    YouTube adds ad placement options for Shorts on 1 May 2023.

  2. Implications to Marketers:

    Marketers should be aware of these changes and ensure that they are obtaining permission Marketers should be aware of these new ad placement options and consider incorporating Shorts into their advertising strategies. Short-form video content is growing in popularity, and the ability to monetize that content with ads could provide a new revenue stream for businesses.


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