WhatsApp Now Offers Option for Disappearing Messages

Are your WhatsApp messages taking up a large space on your phone? They will no longer stay forever. WhatsApp now offers an option for disappearing messages. After its integration on Messenger Rooms, the messaging app allows users to turn “disappearing messages” on or off.

Once disappearing messages is on, any new messages sent to WhatsApp users will disappear after 7 days. This includes media messages, but it doesn’t affect old messages. Any messages quoted in a reply may still be visible on the chat. If a user creates a backup before the message disappears, it will be stored in the backup folder. The only downside of disappearing messages is that messages will automatically disappear even if you haven’t read it. In case a user failed to open WhatsApp for 7 days or more, only the notification will remain. 

WhatsApp now offers an option for disappearing messages effective 05 November 2020.

Implications for Marketers:

Disappearing messages makes WhatsApp conversation lighter and more private. Such a feature is popular among messaging apps because of exclusivity and immediacy. Marketers should aim to send exclusive content to their target audiences with an immediate CTA. With the integration of the eCommerce website with WhatsApp account, brands can use Facebook Pay, QR Codes, Shops, and Stickers to speed up the buying experience. Such an appeal can influence engagement and conversion on the biggest messaging app on the planet. 

Reference: https://blog.whatsapp.com/introducing-disappearing-messages-on-whatsapp

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