WhatsApp Moves Its Privacy Policy Update to 15 May 2021

Recently, Privacy Policy is becoming a major concern among social media platforms. Around June 2020, Apple announced using IDFA on its iOS 14 operating system. This brought about controversies and disputes as many businesses are against the said privacy policies. As such, Apple delayed the use of IADF by 2021. A similar scenario happens to WhatsApp. Last 06 January 2021, WhatsApp users have been receiving prompts regarding new terms and policy updates effective 08 February 2021. But WhatsApp moves its Privacy Policy Update to 15 May 2021.

A key update on the in-app alert WhatsApp users received last week noted that Facebook hosted services will be linked to WhatsApp chats. A user must accept the update to continue using WhatsApp. This notification caused mixed reactions within the WhatsApp community. Most users are confused and thought that the update may invade the privacy of their WhatsApp chats and messages. This is the reason why WhatsApp is putting a hold of the changes until 15 May 2021. This is to give the users more time to digest the new privacy policy update.

WhatsApp further highlights that the app was built on the idea of keeping what users in the app shared privately between them. All personal conversations are protected by end-to-end encryption. Thus, neither Facebook nor WhatsApp cannot see a WhatsApp account’s contact, location, and messages. They further explain that the recent privacy policy update only relates to business messaging. It doesn’t cover data sharing on Facebook. 

WhatsApp announces moving its Privacy Policy Update to 15 May 2021, as of 15 January 2021

Whatsapp: Our privacy policy was updated on 15 january 2021

Implications for Marketers:

The delay of WhatsApp’s Privacy Policy Update until 15 May 2021 is a clear move to prevent losses of its user. Its initial announcement in the first week of January resulted in millions of downloads of alternative messaging apps. It seems that people are looking to switch once the new privacy policy update takes place. One thing WhatsApp failed to highlight is the use of disappearing messages to strengthen privacy.

Marketers should keep an eye on this recent development. They should also prepare alternative plans for their digital marketing strategies. As Facebook and Twitter also updated their privacy policies, brands should find new ways on how to boost awareness outside social media. 

Reference: https://blog.whatsapp.com/giving-more-time-for-our-recent-update

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