Facebook announces new privacy updates for users

On 28 Jan 2020, Facebook reiterated its efforts to ensure user privacy on and off Facebook. It wanted to ensure they were making efforts to keep users say on the platform.
Facebook announces new privacy updates for users
Privacy Prompts
Facebook mentioned that on their platform, a Privacy Check-up tool will appear on user feed. It will allow users to edit their privacy settings. Users can set their privacy on whom will see their posts, their log-in activity, and app review.
Off-Facebook Activity
Back in August, Facebook announced that users can turn off their Facebook activity outside the platform or the app. It was then only open to Ireland, South Korea, and Spain. As of January 2020, Facebook opened the feature worldwide.
Third-Party Login Alert
Some users use their Facebook accounts to log-in to third party apps or sites. Before, it was unclear of the effects of using Facebook to log-in to these third parties. However, Facebook introduced a new feature that will alert the user of how these sites can access data through Facebook.
Implications for Brand Marketers
Brand marketers should expect less personalized experiences from target audience due to enhanced privacy settings. Reach may widen due to target audience privacy settings. Increase the quality of postings to ensure engagement from the target audience.

Starting the Decade by Giving You More Control Over Your Privacy

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