Twitter Tests Watching YouTube Videos on iOS Timelines

One of the most annoying issues reported on Twitter is its lack of support to play a video within the timeline. The Twitter nation is constantly complaining about being unable to play videos right away. They first need to open the link which takes time to load. After testing the full image display and 4K resolution, Twitter now tests watching YouTube videos on iOS timelines.

Beginning today, iOS members of the Twitter nation no longer need to leave their Twitter home timelines before watching a YouTube video. They can view it directly on the tweet and continue the conversation on the platform while watching. Conversations are confined within Twitter only. So, YouTube creators don’t need to worry about moderating them on the video platform.

Twitter tests watching YouTube videos on iOS timeline on 18 March 2021.

Implications for Marketers:

Watching YouTube videos directly on Twitter’s timeline is a great way to boost audience engagement. This can benefit both Twitter users and YouTube creators. For marketers, it can be an option to hit two birds in one stone. Brands can cross-publish their YouTube ads on another platform which is Twitter. Combining the audiences from both platforms gives better chances of awareness and conversion.



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