Facebook Publishes a Cross-Platform Creative Considerations Video

What is effective advertising on Facebook? The answer to this question is very vague. There are lots of factors to consider. Also, many changes were made to adapt to what’s happening today. Last 11 June 2020, Facebook published a new overview of how ads work. Then, the platform updated its news feed algorithm last 30 June 2020. Today Facebook publishes a “Cross-Platform Creative Considerations” video. It shows key tips on effective brand messaging.

3 Areas Where Creative Approach Works

The Cross-Platform Creative Considerations video is an effort made by the Facebook IQ team. It shows the effectiveness of creative approaches in three areas:

  • Text. View duration increases by 12% by adding text.
  • Timing. The first 3 to 5 seconds of video content is critical to conversion.
  • Format considerations. Mixed-format campaigns drive better performance with 86% confidence.

These insights clearly show what is effective advertising on Facebook.

Facebook publishes the Cross-Platform Creative Considerations video on 17 July 2020.

Implications for Marketers:

Facebook IQ’s Cross-Platform Creative Considerations is a short but insightful video for marketers to note. First, it points out that text captions increased view duration by 12%. Brands should take note of the following tips. Ask questions to increase audience engagement. Highlight key features of a product as text overlays in stories ads. Second, it’s critical to deliver a brand message on the first 3 to 5 seconds of video content.  With this, brands should avoid over-pitching. Aim for short but sweet content. 

Third, tell a brand story using many content forms to capture the audience’s attention. Marketers should adopt a well rounded social media marketing strategy. They can create static and video content or bite-size narratives. Try to engage the audience by using CTAs.

In general, the key is to be creative enough in making the audience comment, react, and share the post. As such, this will increase brand awareness and conversion on Facebook.

Reference: https://www.facebook.com/business/news/insights/making-creative-impact-on-facebook-platforms-with-text-timing-and-format

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