Twitter Tests Tweet Collaboration

Twitter Tests Tweet Collaboration

There is no doubt, Twitter wants to strengthen communities within the platform. First off, it enabled the flock feature that allows users to tweet a message within an exclusive group. Then, in Twitter trends 2022, a major focus is on fan-built worlds. Collaboration is very important for these communities. Today, Twitter tests tweet collaboration.


Alessandro Paluzzi, a mobile developer & reverse engineer, tweets the update on his account. He showed how a tweet collaboration works. First, users can request a brand or person to co-own a tweet. Second, the user needs to wait for the invited brand or person to accept the invitation. Once the invitation is accepted, the published tweet will show as co-authored by the accepting party. Please note that only public accounts or followers of an account can co-author a tweet.

Twitter tests tweet collaboration as of 29 March 2022.

Implications for Marketers:

Tweet collaboration can be a better way for marketers to partner with other brands or followers. It can significantly boost the reach of a tweet post and possibly influence conversions.


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