Twitter Tests Fleet Ads

Remember Twitter Fleets? They are the platform’s version of Facebook Stories. Through Fleets, a Twitter member can post a photo, share a video, share a tweet, or write some text. All these momentary messages and thoughts will disappear after 24 hours. Brands and businesses have found these types of content as a good way to promote products and services. So, today, Twitter is testing Fleet Ads.

Fleet Ads are Twitter billboards in vertical format. They will be inserted between regular Fleets that the Twitter nation watches on full screen. These ads will display a prominent “Promoted” tag under the profile info on top of the screen. Fleet ads support an image ratio of 9:16 and 30-second video content. Brands can also add swipe-up CTAs on a Fleet ad. Like Facebook and LinkedIn, these story ads will provide insights on clicks, impressions, profile, and website visits together with creative video stats for creative videos. 

Twitter tests Fleet Ads as of 01 June 2021

Implications for Marketers: 

Fleet Ads are the first time Twitter experiments in vertical stories to boost conversion and engagement. For marketers, this can be another consideration for ad placement on the platform. Fleets can be a relatively new form of content on Twitter. But it may be worth testing its effectiveness in promoting products and services.


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