Twitter Tests a New Reporting Flow

As Twitter expands by acquiring new apps, it also continues to build better communication within the community. It is constantly updating its content appeal process and privacy information policy. It also encourages users to report any potentially harmful tweet. To do so, the platform enabled Birdwatch aliases for anonymous but transparent reporting. Today, Twitter tests a new reporting flow.

Twitter reporting flow

Twitter’s new reporting flow centers on a human-first design. This new approach is currently being tested on a small group of Twitter users in the US. Instead of the previous method where a list of violations pops up, Twitter will first ask the user what’s going on first. It will adopt a symptoms-first method when diagnosing an issue. This means refocusing on the user’s experience instead of service violations.

Twitter tests a new reporting flow on 07 December 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Twitter’s new reporting flow makes it easier for users to raise out any issues on their experiences in the platform. For marketers, this can mean better support in knowing what the audiences deem as appropriate and inappropriate. As such, they can be guided in formulating a Twitter strategy that does not violate any privacy policy.


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