Twitter Launches Carousel Ads

Twitter is indeed in the innovation race. Recently, the platform rolled out audio tweets, quote tweets, and list options. Today, Twitter launches Carousel ads. The update aims to help brands feature various products in a single ad.

With Carousels, brands can use up to two to six images or videos on Twitter ad or post. Such a feature is similar to Instagram’s carousel ads. Twitter also notes the following benefits of Carousels:

  • First, it can help engage audiences using an edge to edge design.
  • Second, they’re an effective tool for product discovery.
  • Third, they make it easier to create multiple ads in a single campaign.
  • Fourth, the insights and metrics of Twitter Carousels can guide brands to better decide on marketing in the future.

Twitter launches Carousel ads on 12 November 2020

Implications for Marketers:

Carousels are a more creative way of making ads on Twitter. For marketers, it can increase brand awareness by reaching new audiences. It can also better drive conversion by featuring different products in the spotlight. Visuals are a proven way to catch attention. Using multiple visual contents is a much effective way to drive engagement. No wonder, Carousels drives 10x more business results than single-image ads.



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