Twitter Introduces Notes

Twitter Introduces Notes

Twitter is experimenting with different ways to publish content through tweets to hear the real customer’s voice. The platform added multi-attachments to tweets and a WordPress option to publish a blog on Twitter. Today, Twitter introduces notes.

Twitter Introduces Notes

Twitter Notes is a way to write longer tweets. It is a fairly basic user interface with all the regular elements of a blog composer. These include:

  • Header images
  • Insertable images and links within the text
  • Streamlined option to add tweets

The character limits are 100 for Notes titles are 100 characters and 2500 for the body. Unlike regular tweets, they are also editable. Notes will appear as a Twitter card once the blog is published via tweet. It also comes with a unique URL that users can navigate outside Twitter.

Twitter introduces notes on 23 June 2022.

Implications to Marketers:

Twitter Notes can be a new way to boost engagement on Twitter. With long-form blog posts, brands can further highlight the story of their offerings on Twitter.


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