Twitter Publishes a Blog About Listening to the Real Customer Voice

Twitter is designed to listen to the real customer voice. This is the content of a blog published by Joe Rice, a Sales Manager of Twitter’s Lead Product Solutions. On the blog, Joe highlighted Twitter as one of the leading social media networks where customers expect a less than 24 hours response. The blog is a light approach to remind brands on how to do so. 

The Oldest Customer Complaint

Joe’s blog started with the oldest documented customer complaint in history. Dating back around 1750 BC, a small clay tablet found in Mesopotamia showed an East Semitic writing from a guy named Nanni. Nanni received a wrong copper grade from a merchant named Ea-nasir. So, he wrote this quoted message on the tablet: “What do you take me for, that you treat somebody like me with such contempt?” Unfortunately, there are no records of whether Nanni’s complaint was addressed. The only thing clear about the message is that customers have been complaining for such a long time.

Failure of Surveys in Listening to the Real Customer Voice

According to Forrester Research, 70% of organizations rely on surveys to gather customer feedback. They also used an abundance of research methodologies like CSAT, data analysis techniques, and net promoter score (NPS). People are overwhelmed with too many surveys resulting in low participation rates. While incentivizing these surveys results in fraud. As such, they have not been effective enough to discover the real customer voice.

Twitter Customer Experience (CX)

Twitter’s customer experience (CX) presents a wide range of opportunities in listening to the real customer voice. Voices on Twitter are experienced as people are having the experience. These make them emotive and real. Being a fast=paced social media platform, it caters to uncontrolled and unfiltered online conversations. This makes it perfect to turn tweets into customer service conversations. As consumers want easy access to get help from brands, tweeting is a great way to start. Swift responses to customer tweets build loyalty and lengthen customer relationships. Moreover, Twitter CX allows audio-recorded DMs plus DM searches through lists and topics.

Twitter publishes a blog about listening to the real customer voice on 28 June 2021

Implications for Marketers: 

Twitter is always listening to the real customer voice. It is a platform to share a wealth of opinions among consumers. While it is a great place to engage with customers and resolve issues among marketers. So, instead of bombarding inboxes or chasing people around the web, why not listen to their real voices? Do this by tweeting and responding to tweets.


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