Twitter Introduces a New Search Option for Settings

Twitter Introduces a New Search Option for Settings

Last week, Twitter announced that it will offer a variety of bespoke hashflags and live activations to help users participate in the NBA All-Star Weekend events by bringing Twitter’s global audience into the celebration. In ways that makes it easy for users to locate what they’re looking for in the app, Twitter has brought today a new search bar to its “Settings and Privacy” section.

Twitter Introduces a New Search Option for Settings

A new search prompt has been added at the top of the Settings and Privacy area, which will highlight relevant pages and settings based on your keyword query.

That implies users will need to know what the section they are looking for is called.  For example, if users wanted to stop individuals from @mentioning them and searched for “mentions,” it wouldn’t find anything because the function they are looking for is in “Audience and tagging.” Or they could be looking for the new “Safety Mode,” which limits who can mention them.

Twitter launches its new search option for settings on 24 February 2022

Implication for Marketers

With the latest update, marketers will have an easier time finding most of the features they will need. Likewise, Twitter’s search keywords will likely be updated throughout time to produce better results for indirect inquiries. This will be an added help, especially for marketers using Twitter as their primary platform in reaching their target audience and brand awareness. There is no more scrolling and going to every setting option to locate what marketers are going to update in their account settings. 


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