Twitter Experiments on New Media Editor

Hey, Twitter nation! Do you want to give your tweets a glow-up? Twitter now experiments on a new media editor. It has the possibility to incorporate Fleets, too! Fleets are Instagram Stories clones with animated stickers and custom backgrounds. After its global launch last November 2020, Twitter removed the “Fleets” feature on the 3rd of August.  

Twitter visual test

App researcher Alessandro Paluzzi shares a tweet about the new media editor. Through the said tool, one can add a sticker, crop photos/videos, and overlay text. It also allows Twitter users to upload a visual with colored background straight in the tweets. These are all Fleets composer features. But Alessandro notes that it is not a comeback of Fleets. Rather it is Twitter’s new media editor.

Twitter experiments on a new media editor as of 17 September 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Twitter’s new media editor can give more creative flair to a tweet. For marketers, it can be an easier way to upload on Twitter with all Fleet tools merged in one media editor. 


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