Twitter Expands Safety Mode

Twitter Expands Safety Mode

Remember Twitter’s solutions to many tweets piling up in a timeline? First, Twitter enabled a leave conversation option under its conversation settings. Then there’s the safety mode to auto-block unwanted accounts. Today, Twitter expands the safety mode.

Twitter Safety Mode

Twitter’s safety mode allows users to block feeds from a certain account for a specific time. It aims to give users more control over their Twitter feeds. To access safety mode, go to the privacy and safety settings of a Twitter account and scroll under “Your Twitter Activity.” Then click the “safety mode” option to toggle turning it on or off.

Twitter’s safety mode is under beta testing since September 2021. Today, the platform is expanding its availability to several English-speaking markets. Twitter expands safety mode on 15 February 2022.

Implications for Marketers:

Twitter’s safety mode is a great solution to block problematic accounts. Marketers can, at least, control negative feedback during a product campaign or launch. As such, it can bring a more positive Twitter experience.


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