Twitter Expands Misinformation Reporting

One of the main challenges among social media platforms is to battle misinformation. Twitter, for one, has continuously been finding ways to eliminate them. It tested Birdwatch, a community-driven approach to counteract fake news. It even added warning alerts before sharing a possibly unverified tweet. The platform also adopted a new content appeal process for locked and suspended accounts. Today, Twitter expands misinformation reporting.

Tweet reporting options

Reporting misinformation on Twitter now expands to 3 more regions. These are Brazil, the Philippines, and Spain. Twitter users in these 3 countries can now flag a tweet as misleading, just like the initial testing mad in Australia, South Korea, and the US. This is through an option to “Report Tweet.”

Twitter expands misinformation reporting on 18 January 2022.

Implications for Marketers:

As Twitter expands misinformation reporting, the focus is more on research rather than enforcement. For marketers, this is something worth noting. Being very careful in sharing accurate content can mean a reputable brand on Twitter.


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