Twitter Expands Birdwatch’s Visibility

Twitter Expands Birdwatch’s Visibility

One of Twitter’s ventures to counteract misinformation is Birdwatch. Birdwatch was launched in January 2021. It adopted a community-driven approach to report misinformation using aliases. Any inaccurate or untruthful tweet report will only be visible to the Birdwatch site during the pilot test. Twitter users can sign up via the “Contribute to Birdwatch” option on a tweet. Today, Twitter expands Birdwatch’s visibility.

Twitter Expands Birdwatch’s Visibility

Starting today, Birdwatch’s notes will be visible to a small group of Twitter users from the U.S. They can rate the note from different perspectives. If most users will rate the note as “helpful,” the more the note will be visible to other Twitter users.

To further strengthen Birdwatch, Twitter is also expanding its fact-checking collaboration with The Associated Press and Reuters. As part of the curation team, these news agencies will help give more context to reliable information.

Twitter expands Birdwatch’s visibility on 03 March 2022.

Implications for Marketers:

Twitter’s Birdwatch is a simple yet valuable way of crowd-source-fact-checking. By promoting high-quality and informative content, the platform is giving way to a reputable marketplace.


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