Twitter Enables Spaces Analytics to Everyone

Twitter Enables Spaces Analytics to Everyone

Here’s good news for Twitter Spaces Creators! You can now learn more about the Spaces you have hosted. Today, Twitter enables Spaces analytics to everyone.

Twitter Spaces analytics

Twitter Spaces are live audio rooms. They are a Clubhouse clone globally launched last May 2021. Last March, the platform started testing its analytics on a small number of selected creators. Spaces analytics features insights for a particular live audio session. These include listeners’ insights, recording replays, session durations, and speakers’ insights. Just tap the graph icon to access Spaces Analytics.

Twitter enables Spaces analytics to everyone using the Android app as of 05 May 2022. It will also be coming to the iOS app soon.

Implications to Marketers:

Twitter Spaces analytics can help marketers improve their live audio strategies. It may encourage other brands to tap into Spaces promotions.


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