Twitter Adds Listeners’ Insights to Spaces

Spaces hosts, here are some good news! Twitter adds listeners’ insights to Spaces. Spaces are Twitter’s Clubhouse clone to live audio rooms. It was globally launched last May 2021. The platform also enabled recorded Spaces. This is where the hosts can now see their listeners’ insights. 

Twitter Spaces data

Starting today, Spaces hosts can see two listeners’ insights on Spaces. These ar the followinge:

  • the number of people who listen to live Spaces 
  • the number of people who replayed recorded Spaces

These analytics will appear once a host clicks the “View Details” button under the audio broadcast name. 

Twitter adds listeners’ insights to Spaces on 06 January 2022.

Implications for Marketers: 

As Twitter adds listeners’ insights to Spaces, it gives a host more context about a live audio room performance. For marketers, such data can help them decide on future Spaces strategies.


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