Twitter Enables a Search Icon on the Home Tab

Twitter is now enhancing its home tab with a lot of new functionalities. It is testing a new tweet composer placement and reformed its Explore tab. As it enabled direct message searches and updated its visual editor, the platform now enables a search icon on the home tab.

Twitter search on home page

Twitter Support announces via tweet that some iOS users will see a new search bar or magnifying glass icon on the topmost part of the Home tab. It allows users to quickly make a search right after you open the app. The platform is testing two variations of the format. First, a full search text bar appears on top of the timeline. Second, a magnifying glass icon appears in the upper left corner of the timeline.

Twitter enables a search icon on the home tab as of 11 January 2022.

Implications for Marketers:

As Twitter enables a search icon on the home tab, it encourages the Twitter nation to use the search option easily. For marketers, it can boost brand awareness and reach by having people actively searching on the platform.


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