Twitter Circle Is Now Under Testing

Twitter Circle Is Now Under Testing

It seems that Twitter is trying to be more like Facebook. Recently, the platform enabled multi-attachments, unmentioning, and Vibes.  Multi-attachment lets users upload different content formats in a single tweet. Unmentioning allows users to leave a tweet conversation. Meanwhile, vibes show the current statuses of Twitter users. Today, Twitter Circle is now under testing.

Twitter Circle is similar to the view setting of a Facebook post. It allows users to share a specific tweet with a selected group of friends. They can add up to 150 people to this custom group connection. Technically, it creates a private group chat within a tweet. A green indicator notes that only people in the circle can view a tweet.

Twitter Circle is now under testing as of 03 May 2022.

Implications to Marketers:

Twitter Circle is an added option for an exclusive conversation. It can be a great way for brands to nurture valuable communications with a segmented audience group. Conversion can be much better as message personalization is made easier.


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