Twitter Brings Tips to Everyone

Twitter is boosting its monetization features for brands and creators. The platform recently enabled paid subscriptions, purchases tab, Super Follow, and ticketed Spaces. Today, Twitter brings tips to everyone.

Twitter Brings Tips to Everyone

Tips allow Twitter users to send money to other users in the platform through varied payment options. These include:

It even allows payment through bitcoin or cryptocurrency via Strike. Twitter tips can be a means of showing appreciation to a favorite Twitter account or tweet. To give a tip, a user just needs to click on the tip icon beside the follow button of a Twitter profile. Choose the service you want to use, and send funds without any Twitter cut. The update initially applies to iOS users and will gradually roll out to Android users worldwide.

Twitter brings tips to everyone on 23 September 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Twitter tips are a great way to send money between Twitter accounts through different payment platforms. For marketers, it can be something to look forward to completing a Twitter purchase. With direct payment options, brands can surely boost revenue and sales.


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