Twitter Beta Launches Twitter Shops

Twitter Beta Launches Twitter Shops

Twitter is really set to develop eCommerce tools. The platform already enabled live shopping, product displays, and shop modules. Today, Twitter beta launches Twitter Shops.

Twitter Shops example

Twitter Shops allows brands and businesses to upload a collection of up to 50 products. A “View Shop” button appears above the tweet of a participating merchant. Tapping the button will open the Twitter shop for the said merchant. Clicking a product leads the viewer to an in-app browser showing the product details and a checkout button to the merchant’s website.

Twitter Shops is currently available to a selected group of U.S. Businesses including @AllIDoIsCookUS. @ArdenCove@GayPrideApp, @LatinxInPower, and @Verizon. For now, only English iPhone users can view and interact with Twitter Shops.

Twitter beta launches Twitter Shops on 09 March 2022.

Implications for Marketers:

Twitter Shops give marketers a larger space to showcase their products and services. It is a part of Twitter’s ongoing effort to boost eCommerce.


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