Twitter Beta Launches Collaborative Tweets

Twitter Beta Launches Collaborative Tweets

This year, Twitter is set to make tweets even better. Last April, the platform started testing multi-attachment tweets. It will allow users to insert different media formats in a single tweet. It also came together with a toolbox hub to collect the best content and top tweets. Today, Twitter beta launches collaborative tweets.

Twitter believes that two voices are better than one. That is why the platform beta launches collaborative tweets. Users can now co-author, co-create, or co-tweet. It is a new way to collaborate by tweeting together. Starting today, a small group of select users from Canada, Korea, and the US can send invites to a follower or public account to co-tweet with them for a limited time. The invited party can accept or decline the invitation. Once accepted, the co-tweet will be posted simultaneously on both profiles. Followers will see two profile pictures in the header of a collaborative tweet. Collaborators can finalize the content to share through direct messaging.

Twitter beta launches collaborative tweets on 07 July 2022.

Implications to Marketers:

Twitter’s collaborative tweets can help marketers unlock new partnership opportunities. Such collaborations can help share engaging spotlights and maximize audience reach.


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