Twitter Adds New Ad Campaign Features on Tweet Composer

Twitter adds new ad campaign features on the Tweet composer. The new features make it easier to visualize how prompted tweets will look like before they are launched. A lot of changes happen in the platform within the last few months. Twitter rolled out DM overlay on desktops, list options, and offensive comment warnings.

New Ad Campaign Features on Tweet Composer

Tweet Composer is an ideal tool to create and edit Twitter ads. Its new features include:

  • Intuitive layout design. The new screen has more room for tweet creation.
  • Real-time tweet previews. The preview updates every time changes are made. Such an updated preview allows users to see how a prompted tweet looks like before it goes live. 
  • Tweet duplication tool. Clicking “Create another box” on top of a Tweet Composer duplicates a tweet. The duplicated tweet can be edited for users to compare different elements and styles.

The new ad campaign features apply to both Twitter desktop and mobile. Twitter adds new ad campaign features on Tweet composer on 21 October 2020.

Implications for Marketers:

The new ad campaign features on Tweet composer makes it easier for marketers to build campaigns on Twitter. With 1.6 billion monthly users, it qualifies as a great social media marketing platform. It’s a free media outlet to instantly deliver public messages to the brand’s target audiences. Being able to experiment on how Prompted Tweets will look like before marketers launched a campaign allows them to decide which design or style will work best. As such, it delivers great results.



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