Tips to Write Facebook & Instagram Ads That Generate Sales

In the 2nd quarter of 2020, Facebook’s monthly average users increased to 2.7 million. This means that the platform still is the topmost social media network. Facebook and Instagram Shops rolled out on 19 May 2020. These help marketers ease up the buying path. On 21 May 2020, Facebook enabled post creation to mobile phones on Creator App Studio. Then, they posted an overview of how ads work on 11 June 2020. All these efforts help marketers increase brand awareness and conversion. With these many updates, Social Media Examiner aims to help businesses maximize social media ads. Today, it publishes tips to write Facebook and Instagram ads that generate sales.

Offer Discounts

Around 93% of shoppers use discount codes and coupons throughout the year. If you tell customers that they can save money, you attract their attention. Unconditional discounts allow access to everyone without any restrictions. An example is a site-wide product sale. In contrast, customers need to meet criteria before availing conditional discounts. An example is 10% for a minimum of $100 spend. But the best discount marketing is a flash sale. It gives the customers an urgency to avail it. Running them a few times every year in a period of 7 days guarantees a huge return on ad spends. Brands can also do bundle offers or seasonal sales. A smart way to write discount copy ads is by using a snap. It’s an attention-grabbing line. Follow this with the benefits of the offer and the action needed to get a discount. 

Create Reminder Ads

These types of ads are excellent for website remarketing. Just like discount copy ads, using the snap, benefit, action style works best. The only difference is the snap should create an urgency to remind someone of the benefits he/she can get from the offer. On Facebook, marketers can use the reach objective. Target audiences who visited a page within 3 to 10 days. There are also tools on Facebook to help send reminder ads. Creating an online offer notifies your target audience before the offer expires. Users who saved in-store offers will also be notified on Facebook and via email. Location-based reminders can reach users who enabled their location on Facebook. 

Build Trust Using Testimonial Ads

This is a type of user-generated content. They are social proof of a brand’s benefits through customer reviews or testimonies. In most niches, text-based testimonial ads work best. Start with customer reviews or testimonials. Try to keep it short or divide it into shorter paragraphs. Enclose them with quotation marks to differentiate them from the rest of the ad copy. Then end it with a hyphen followed by the customer’s name. Add a discount or promotion offer afterward. End it with a CTA to convert your audience into customers. Video testimonials are recently gaining traction. You may also want to experiment using them. Follow the same format in text-based ads – testimonial, campaign, and CTA.

Social Media Examiner publishes tips to write Facebook and Instagram ads that generate sales on 07 September 2020.

Implication for Marketers:

Social Media Examiner’s tips to write Facebook and Instagram ads that generate sales are worth considering. They can help marketers sell products and services within different types of audiences. Keep your audience in action by creating varied campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. Always remember that it’s not only the three types you need to focus on. Adding visuals to these ads will help its effectiveness.


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