The Value of Snapchat’s “High Impact” Ad Options Revealed in New Data

Snapchat’s daily users quickly escalated up to 319 million overall in their report on the final quarter of the year. Today, Snap Select ads on Snapchat Discover, First Commercial ads that ensure your ad is the first that a Snapchatter sees every day; Takeovers, which give marketers access to all inventory within specific Shows; and National Lenses, which sees promoted Lenses get the first position on the Snap camera for a single day, were all recently commissioned by Kantar conducting an analysis of the value of its “high-impact” ad options. 

The Value of Snapchat's "High Impact" Ad Options Revealed in New Data

These are more expensive Snap ad options, and they come in premium. Snap’s data reveals, however, that for those who can afford them, they may be extremely beneficial in increasing brand exposure and discussion among its target demographic. 

Interestingly, regardless of whether the brand is new or well-established, the data demonstrates that the performance numbers were similar across all brands. Running Snap campaigns around important events, like sports championships or seasonal festivals, can also increase engagement, according to the data. Keep in mind that these are premium Snap ad options, and not all brands will be able to afford them.

Snapchat released their “High Impact” Ad options and it’s value based on its new data on 15 February 2022.

Implications for Marketers:

The data points in this report are interesting because they show how Snap ads can be used to drive trends and connect with crucial, culture-defining consumers, which may help marketers promote their brands in a variety of ways. Snapchat can be a wonderful alternative for brands looking to boost their brand awareness and get influence with this crucial consumer subset, which can have a major impact on total marketing performance, with 319 million daily users and a unique link to younger demographics.


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