The Most Annoying Growth Hacks on Twitter

The Most Annoying Growth Hacks On Twitter

Twitter recently introduced a toolbox hub. It allows users to discover the best tweets and top trends. The platform is also testing a long-form article tool for tweets. All of these can help brands and businesses grow within the Twitter community. Today, SMT shares a list of the most annoying growth hacks on Twitter. It gives valuable insights on what bothers social media marketers the most.

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Hashtag Overuse

The number one most annoying growth hack on Twitter is overusing hashtags. Hashtags are words or phrases preceded by a hash sign. They connect Twitter users to a broader conversation. Overusing hashtags, like a hashtag in every word, does not really help as a growth hack. Twitter users can get annoyed seeing hashtags not related to the actual conversation.

Follow for Following

F4F, as they termed follow for following, is the 2nd most annoying growth hack in Twitter. The process involves following an account with the hope that the said account will follow back. This growth hack is great if you are struggling to get 1,000 followers. But beyond that, it typically looks cheap and tacky.

Automated DMs

An automated DM is an instant message sent to a new follower after following the account. Recently, they can also be a reply to an original tweet. Auto DM comes 3rd as the most annoying growth hack on Twitter. It is because most Twitter users want to keep their inbox as private as possible.


Many Twitter brands play along with news and trends to boost awareness. By adding your thoughts on viral topics, you get your brand mentioned in front of the Twitter community. But this growth hack comes 4th as most annoying. That is because a brand and the thought come totally irrelevant to the news or trend most of the time.

SMT shares a list of the most annoying growth hacks on Twitter as of 06 February 2022.

Implications for Marketers:

Marketers should be very careful using these most annoying growth hacks on Twitter. They need to rethink a solid marketing approach to maintain the growth and reputation of a brand.


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