Snapchat Rolls Out “Sounds”

Snapchat rolls out “Sounds” on its Snaps and Stories features. This transforms them into a TikTok clone. TikTok has been popular because of their music clips. To keep up with them, Snapchat negotiated with music publishers. Now, it has implemented the same music options. So TikTok fans now have alternative options.

Snapchat Rolls Out “Sounds”

Snapchat is a popular multi-messaging app with around 238 million daily active users. Founded in 2011, it allows users to exchange images and videos that disappear after being viewed. The platform’s lenses enable users to add sounds and special effects. The new “Sounds” feature now lets them add song clips. 

At launch, the music clip on spotlight is Justin Bieber’s song “Lonely.” There’s more music that users can explore in the “Sounds” catalog. This includes soundtracks produced by:

  • BMG 
  • Kobalt
  • Merlin
  • NMPA
  • Universal Music
  • Warner Chappell Music
  • Warner Music Group

A “Play This Song” button lets users listen to full sound clips from Apple Music, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

Snapchat rolls out “Sounds” for iOS users as of 15 October 2020.

Implications for Marketers:

Snapchat’s “Sounds” is a potential option for audio marketing. Marketers should take note of such an update. It’s a fun way to attract and engage audiences. With the popularity of short musical video clips, marketers can try creating dynamic ads that highlight a brand. Using them can create an impact on your target audiences’ moods and can improve brand identity recall.


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