Snapchat Releases a New Ticketmaster Map Layer to Locate Events

Snapchat Releases a New Ticketmaster Map Layer to Locate Events

Recently, the value of Snapchat’s “high-impact” ad options was analyzed by Kantar and comes in premium. Today, Snapchat has brought a new way for users to find live events: a new Snap Map tool, designed in collaboration with Ticketmaster, which displays all listed events near them.

Snapchat Releases a New Ticketmaster Map Layer to Locate Events

The new Ticketmaster Snap Map layer, which can be accessed via toggling at the top right of the map screen, displays all of the nearest events listed by Ticketmaster. People are able to scroll down through the results. And if they find what they like, they’ll be able to share it with their friends in the app or even buy tickets in real time.

The feature collaborates with the Ticketmaster Snap Mini, which allows users to mark events of interest and receive alerts for related future events.

Snapchat introduced New Ticketmaster Map Layer for finding Events on 17 February 2022.

Implication for Marketers

It’s a fantastic improved version, and it’s highly suitable for Snapchat, given that the app’s younger users are more likely to be seeking upcoming events and gatherings, which they can then share with friends and plan evenings out all within the app. It’ll really be fascinating to see what other features Snapchat can incorporate into its Map layers and how this can help Snap’s audiences in new ways. This will become a significant economic and advertising opportunity, opening up new routes for brand awareness. Especially in shows and other events, it will be a great opportunity for marketers to connect with more audiences near them and create more exposure.


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