Snapchat Introduces Snapchat Trends

Here’s great news for Snapchat marketers! Snapchat introduces “Snapchat Trends.” It is a market research tool similar to Google trends. It can greatly help marketers find popular keywords and terms that Snapchat users are searching for.

After Snapchat launched its global campaign, the platform is determined to make an eCommerce push. It introduced “Campaign Labs” on Snap Ads Manager. Such a tool aims to help brands and businesses maximize their ad performance. Snapchat Trends allows marketers to conduct research around specific keywords or terms. It highlights the volume of searches within the Snapchat community. As such, marketers will be able to know the most popular searches relevant to their niches. By looking at what people are talking about within the platform, Snapchat Trends exemplify very popular topics.

Snapchat Trends

Besides keywords and terms, marketers can also search on Snapchat Trends per language trends, region, related terms, and trends last week. It also includes case studies and insights to guide marketers with their plans and strategies. 

Snapchat introduces “Snapchat Trends” on 17 August 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Snapchat Trends means more data provided on search results. For marketers looking to connect to Snapchat audiences, they can be a valuable tool to plan and strategize in promoting products and services.


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