Snapchat Enables ASL Lens

Snapchat Enables ASL Lens

Inclusion and diversity are included in the main focuses of Snapchat. It enabled AR lenses for the International Deaf Week. As it celebrated the annual lens fest, it highlighted full-body lenses, and local lenses to make messages accessible to every region. Today, Snapchat enables the ASL lens.

Snapchat ASL Lens

In partnership with SignAll, a sign language translation app, Snapchat launches the ASL Alphabet Lens. It can analyze American Sign Language (ASL) gestures and do the translation in the app. ASL Alphabet Lens will feature the “Deafengers,” Snapchat’s Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing team members. They will help you practice fingerspelling the ASL Alphabet, play games to put new skills to test, and teaches you to spell your name via sign language.  

Snapchat enables ASL lens on 05 April 2022.

Implications for Marketers:

Snapchat’s ASL lens gives marketers more capacity to communicate with their target audiences. Adding the hearing-impaired in Snap ads and campaigns can potentially boost reach and revenues.


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