Snapchat Adds Snap Connect to Help Marketers

Since June 2020, Snapchat is rolling out tools to help brands and businesses bounce back after the COVID pandemic. The messaging app released a 20/20 Vision for Mobile Videos. It also added food and wine barcodes, full-body lenses, local lenses, and Sounds to its AR tools. Just last week, it also enabled subscriber counts display. Today, Snapchat adds Snap Connect to further help marketers.

On 16 June 2020, Snapchat introduced Snap Focus. It’s an educational platform for marketers. Here, brands can learn the essentials of advertising in the messaging app. They can attend online classes or get certified to discover innovative marketing tools. Snapchat adds Snap Connect to the said educational platform. It showcases different videos from external experts proving best practices and tips for a campaign. Currently, Snap Connect offers three certifications: apps, e-commerce, and mobile gaming. These courses focus on pointers for DR ads, Dynamic Ads, and Shoppable AR.  

Snapchat launches Snap Connect on 06 November 2020.

Implications for Marketers:

Snap Connect offers notes and pointers that can bring significant value to a brand. Marketers should take advantage of these courses to establish a niche. Snapchat is a unique option to market to Gen Zs and millennials. With 249 million DAU, the messaging app can be a great advertising model



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