Pinterest Uplifts “Positivity” But Frowns on Engagement-Baiting

Just recently, Pinterest published a new guide indicating that on social media, producing positive content is the way to go. The social platform identified certain key trends marketers and consumers will likely see during the last few months of the year, and “positivity” has taken the top spot on the list of most-searched for content. 

According to Pinterest’s latest research, getting a rise out of people might lead to online engagement, but it could also be hurting sales. As per Pinterest:

“If social media has taught us one thing, it’s that unfiltered content drives negativity. Without intentional moderation, platforms built on connecting people have—in the end—only polarized them. Here’s the thing: Anger and divisiveness may encourage people to scroll (and troll! ). But they don’t get people to buy. Negative environments make people less likely to remember, less likely to trust and less likely to purchase from brands.”

It seems that Pinterest is taking a jab at certain social media platforms that allow for negative content to proliferate and for people to argue with one another in various post sections just to drive up engagement. Instead of letting divisiveness reign across social media platforms, Pinterest suggests that brands take a more positive approach toward the content that they post. 

With the news seemingly getting more dreary as the days pass, people are looking to find more positive content and use platforms that won’t subject them to more negative content. While Pinterest is not perfect, it has remodeled itself to become a more positive space for users to interact. In the summary of key trends for the last quarter that Pinterest has been able to spot, the platform was able to identify that users are more likely to look inward and focus on their home lives – something that marketers should take a look at as we move into the holiday season.

Check out Pinterest’s full guide here.

Implications for Marketers

Marketers need to foster more positivity to get more people attracted to brands. Pinterest’s data has been able to prove that sales are more likely to happen if consumers tend to find that the brand’s social platforms are more positive and that seeing a brand in a positive light will most likely impact their purchasing decisions.



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