Pinterest Releases Marketing How-To for 2020

Pinterest just published a comprehensive advertising guide to give marketers a more in-depth look at how Pinterest works and what they can do to up their advertising game. The guide is 46 pages long, and it’s full of information about how Pinterest can be used to a marketer’s advantage. It also gives readers an overview of the different tools they have at their disposal.

Pinterest Releases Marketing How-To for 2020

For the past years, Pinterest has been trying to change the perception of it as a social media app, positioning itself as a discovery network instead. In the guide, Pinterest highlights itself as a place for “online inspiration to action” – citing that 9 in 10 Pinners come to the platform looking for inspiration for their next purchases.

The guide covers all the key statistics and demographics on which users frequently use the platform. It also provides details on the most effective type of content for each region and how to effectively increase engagement across Pinterest.

Pinterest users are always on the lookout for fresh, new ideas. Pinterest’s new marketing guide hopes to help marketers find new ways to effectively reach and connect with audiences across the platform. The guide also gives tips and recommendations on how to effectively advertise on Pinterest.

Implications for Marketers:

The guide is incredibly comprehensive and is a great tool for brands and marketers that want to use Pinterest as a marketing platform. It contains everything that a brand would need to know to effectively market themselves and also offers tips and tricks on how to make their content stand out.

View the complete guide here.

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