Pinterest Publishes a Holiday Gift Guide

Pinterest is taking all its effort to support brands and businesses. Recently it launched a Christmas Holiday Hub for resources and tips during the holiday season. The platform also introduced Pinterest TV, a series of live shopping from beauty, fashion, and home brands and creators. Today, Pinterest publishes a holiday gift guide.

Around 8 out of 10 pinners visited Pinterest for gift ideas during the holiday. Last August, the platform recorded a 43x increase in holidays related to the upcoming Christmas season. To give pinners more ideas and inspiration, Pinterest compiles emerging and generational trends. The result is a holiday gift guide.


Pinterest insights show that millennials prefer soft glam makeups. Gen X focuses more on skincare products. While Gen Z pinners love Retro 70’s makeup such as black mascara, bright blush, and brighter eyeshadows. For baby boomers, eyebrow makeup tutorials, grooming, and men’s beard style are among the most searched items.


Millennials are looking for comfort with a style twist in fashion. They commonly shop for cozy sweaters, silky room wears, or vest dresses. As the world reopens, Gen X looks more into luxury items such as handbags and watches. Gen Z trends in beaded necklaces and gothic elements. For baby boomers, antique gold jewelry and faux leather skirts are a hit. 


Holiday shopping among millennials focuses on cozy farmhouse ideas with baskets, candles, and photo frames. Gen X focuses more on minimalism paired with bright cushion covers and vases. Gen Z focuses on earthy aesthetics such as gemstones, plants, and tapestries. While baby boomers prefer eclectic and vintage-style home decors. 

Hack the Holidays

Pinterest also launches a contest called “Hack the Holidays.” From the 9th of November to the 6th of November, pinners are invited to share a holiday wish list board featuring Pinterest Shop merchants. Pinners must also follow @PinterestBusiness on Twitter or LinkedIn to qualify for the contest. 

Pinterest publishes a holiday gift guide on 09 November 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Pinterest’s holiday gift guide can help marketers identify their target audiences. With these valuable insights, brands can better segment their audience demographics more effectively. 


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