Pinterest Launches Its Christmas Holiday Hub

Christmas is just around the corner, and Pinterest has always been prepared to celebrate it. The platform launched new shopping features after getting an MRC accreditation and TAG’s brand safety certification. Today, Pinterest launches its Christmas holiday hub. Pinterest’s Christmas holiday hub houses notes and tips to ramp up the budget and creatives of pin campaigns. 

Holiday Notes

  • First off, Pinterest notes that brands who start their festive campaigns early during the holidays see better results on Pinterest. Early pin campaigns result in a 6% incremental sales lift and 4.7x more conversions.
  • Second, Pinterest notes that Cyber Monday is a festive season among pinners. That is where the platform recorded 60% of holiday sales.

Holiday Tips

  • Pinterest recommends prioritizing the campaign budget to drive awareness from September to October. You may start messaging your community of followers. But consistent posting of ideas and inspiration can work much better.
  • Since more people are ready to spend in November, Pinterest recommends keeping running awareness campaigns. It is also the time to start finding new prospects. Creative visuals with strong CTAs really work on Pinterest.
  • Most pinners are seeking convenience and utility during December. For Pinterest, it is the time to do last-minute sales.

Shopping Tools

  • Set up your Pinterest Shop foundation through catalogues, tags, and Shopify.
  • Build brand loyalty by considering always-on Pinterest Shops and the verified merchant program.
  • Scale campaigns using automation, dynamic retargeting, collection ads, and shopping ads.
  • The mix is the magic of Pinterest marketing. Start with a shop tab and define a brand’s tastes through Spotlights. Enable AR try-ons to land on pinners’ shopping list. 

Pinterest launches its Christmas holiday hub on 04 November 2021

Implications for Marketers: 

Pinterest’s Christmas holiday hub can be a great help for marketers to lift their holiday engagement and sales. It may be worth looking at it for inspiration to be better guided this holiday season.


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