Pinterest Enables Replies Via Idea Pin Video

Here’s something interesting from Pinterest! Remember Instagram launching Reels replies? Pinterest enables replies via Idea Pin video.

Pinterest reply with Idea Pin

Idea Pins are revamped Story Pins that allow pinners to upload short video clips. Idea Pins are also under testing for sharing on Facebook and Instagram. Pinterest wants pinners to save time from long novelties. Thru replies via Idea Pins, pinners can upload tailored videos in response to comments and questions. All they need to do is top the 3-dot menu next to any comment and choose “Reply with a New Idea Pin.”

Pinterest enables replies via Idea Pin video on 13 December 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Pinterest’s reply via Idea Pin video is a great way for marketers to boost engagement through short clips. It is a better way to excite pinners instead of plain text messages.


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