Pinterest Celebrates Women’s History Month

Pinterest Celebrates Women’s History Month

The month of March celebrates Women’s History Month. Since 1980, the one-month-long event started as a feminist push for equal gender access to education and jobs. A unique part of Pinterest is celebrating special occasions like Black History, Christmas, Halloween, Latin Heritage, etc. The platform also holds an annual Creator’s Festival and Pinterest Presents.

Pinterest Elevate

Today, Pinterest celebrates Women’s History Month. In honor of women who actively represent pinners’ values, the platform is supporting 10 underrepresented women businesses through Pinterest Elevates. Pinterest is spending $100,000 for monetization and strategic support on the following brands:

  • Alder New York, a skincare company owned by Nina Zilka
  • B.serene, a dealer of handmade crystals owned by Bianka Quantanilla-Whye
  • Bison Star Naturals, a body-care supplier owned by Jacquelene McHorse
  • Brown and Coconut, plant-based skincare owned by sisters Zeena and Letisha Brown
  • Candid Art, Artisanal jewelry owned by Candid Cox
  • Cocoacentric, curated jewelry owned by Latoya McInnis
  • Golde, a superfood healthcare business owned by Trinity Mouzon Wofford
  • Hotsy Totsy Haus, bath & body brand owned by a deaf woman named Christi Leonardi
  • KLUR, eco-inclusive botanicals owned by Lesley Thornton
  • Passport Polish, unique nail polishes owned by a Latina named Mari Brisco

Each participant will be given initial credits and a private coach to help them achieve their business goals on Pinterest. Pinterest celebrates Women’s History Month on 02 March 2022.

Implications for Marketers:

As Pinterest celebrates Women’s History Month, it launches support for women-owned businesses. Marketers should keep an eye on similar programs to level up their interest approach. In the meantime, brands can also boost sales by offering promotions related to Women’s History Month.


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